(Semi) Super

Because being Actually super is a lot of work



The thing about having powers is that people expect you to fight for the greater good, and save the people even if the people treat you poorly because that's what a hero does... Joon, Kamal and Nova... They're NOT heroes. Just 3 hot mess people going through the motions, kinda for the money, and sometimes... SOMETIMES for the morals. They're (Semi) Super at best.




Meet the Crew


If you've ever wanted to see what 193 cm of snark looked like, look no further, because Joon is it. A DJ with a sense of humor that often gets him in trouble, Joon couldn't care less what most people think of him. If you're in with him, he's got your back, but otherwise, most of everyday life is just inconsequential to him.  


A guy who is surprisingly cool headed for someone who can shoot fire out of his hands. A kindhearted dude who took up the job to support his best friend (Joon) and his best friend's sister (Julia). He genuinely loves helping others on missions, perhaps because he sees a bit of who he used to be? Perhaps I've said too much?


Nova is a mystery, no one really knows who she is, herself included. She can't remember her past, much less what her future will be when she gets tangled up with Kam and Joon after her place is destroyed thanks to her loss of control over her powers. Now Nova is in a new place with new people, trying to figure it all out.

Who is your favourite

(Semi) Super



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